Environmental Impact Assessment for a new regional landfill site to service the Cape Town Metropolitan Area for the next 30 years.


City of Cape Town


At the completion of the Supplementary Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) comments period, the comments received were collated and written responses provided on the new information introduced in the SEIR and/or where points of clarity were required.  In addition, this SEIR Comments Report provides copies of the public participation supporting documentation. Your attention is drawn to the fact that a small amount of new information has been introduced in the SEIR Comments Report (Volume 5).  As the final step in the SEIR process, the SEIR Comments Report has been made available for viewing purposes.  The Minister's office has requested that if anyone wishes to make any comments on the new information, those comments should be lodged at the Minister's office by no later than 19 April 2013.  Contact details are provided below:

Attention: Mr Jaap de Villiers
  Ministry of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning
  Private Bag X9186, Cape Town, 8000
  Fax: 021 483 4171  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the final step in the Supplementary process that Minister Bredell requested the City of Cape Town to undertake in December 2010.  As the City has now undertaken all the necessary requirements for the Supplementary process, the Minister is now required to make a decision about the regional landfill site.  It is assumed that the Minister will take the necessary steps to inform all relevant parties regarding his decision in due course. Copies of the SEIR Comments Report have been lodged at the following locations:

Cape Town Central Library (City Hall) OJ Erasmus Primary School (Kalbaskraal)
Wesfleur Library (Atlantis) Klipheuwel Primary School
Avondale Library (Atlantis) Tableview Library
Pella Primary School Koeberg Library
Mamre Library CoCT, Solid Waste Management, 38 Wale Street, Cape Town
Witzands Community Hall Swartland Municipal Offices (Malmesbury)
Philadelphia Church Hall CCA Office, Cape Town

The full SEIR is also still available for download below.

CCA Contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date Updated:

18 March 2013


SEIR Comments Report - Volume 5 (12 873k)

Supplementary Environmental Impact Report

Main Report

Cover Sheet (84k)
Executive Summary (82k)
Table of Contents (82k)
Chapter 1: Introduction (492k)
Chapter 2: Need & Desirability (782k)
Chapter 3: Approach & Methodology (196k)
Chapter 4: Affected Environment (203k)
   Figures (2660k)   Plates (1146k)
Chapter 5: Project Description (659k)
   Figures (3234k)
Chapter 6: Impacts on the Biophysical Environment (153k)
   Figures (2877k)
Chapter 7: Impacts on the Socio-economic Environment (538k)
   Figures (1978k)
Chapter 8: Impacts on Human Health (477k)
   Figures (2563k)
Chapter 9: Conclusions and Recommendations (323k)
Chapter 10: References (23k)


Appendix 1 Cover Sheet
Appendix 1A: MEC letters - Supplementary EIA Process (311k)
Appendix 1B: DEA&DP Letter - Acceptance of FSR (129k)
Appendix 1C: DEA&DP Letter - Acceptance of Plan of Study (83k)
Appendix 1D: DEA&DP Letter - Record of Decision (1843k)
Appendix 1E: SRK Consulting - EIA Review (1438k)
Appendix 1F: Kantor Review (1629k)
Appendix 1G: Winstanley Cullinan Letter (1063k)
Appendix 1H: MEC Letter - Revised Decision (886k)

Appendix 2: Comments received since submission of the FSR (141k)

Appendix 3 Cover Sheet
Appendix 3A: Newspaper Articles (3180k)
Appendix 3B: Adverts (1010k)
Appendix 3C: Posters (228k)
Appendix 3D: Open Day Attendance Register (801k)
Appendix 3E: Meeting Notes (191k)
Appendix 3F: Site visit records (57k)
Appendix 3G: Comments received on Draft EIR (3770k)
Appendix 3H: Final EIR Comments Report (1220k)
Appendix 3I: Notification of SEIR process (501k)
Appendix 3J: Draft SEIR Public Participation (622k)

Appendix 4: Specialist Reports (15k)
    Appendix 4A: Groundwater
        Original (5071k)    Addendum (2901k)
    Appendix 4B: Freshwater
        Original (278k)    Addendum (685k)
    Appendix 4C: Botanical
        Original (473k)    Addendum (124k)
    Appendix 4D: Terrestrial Fauna
        Original (529k)    Addendum (46k)
    Appendix 4E: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
        Original (857k)    Addendum (46k)
    Appendix 4F: Visual
        Original (2424k)    Addendum (820k)
    Appendix 4G: Traffic
        Original (1286k)    Addendum (722k)
    Appendix 4H: Land Use and Planning
        Original (7300k)    Addendum (2011k)
    Appendix 4I: Social
        Original (562k)    Addendum (1052k)
     Appendix 4J: Economic
        Original (393k)    Addendum (307k)
     Appendix 4K: Noise
        Original (4401k)    Addendum (61k)
     Appendix 4L: Air Quality
        Original (2362k)    Addendum (2166k)
     Appendix 4M: Health
        Original (785k)    Addendum Part 1 (460k)  Part 2 (208k)
     Appendix 4N: Transportation Model (1864k)

Appendix 5: Environmental Management Programmes
        Construction and Operation EMP (1420k)  

Appendix 6: Draft SEIR Public Participation
    Cover Sheet (10k)
    Appendix 6A: Notification Letters (1861k)
    Appendix 6B: Adverts (7167k)
    Appendix 6C: Copies of Posters (833k)
    Appendix 6D: Transcripts of Radio Adverts (120k)
    Appendix 6E: Information-sharing Meeting Minutes (575k)

Appendix 7: SEIR Comments
    Cover Sheet (10k)
    Appendix 7A: Written Submissions (14797k) (compressed quality)
    Appendix 7B: Comments Reports (1344k)

Appendix 8: Additional Specialist Input
    Cover Sheet (10k)
    Appendix 8A: Seismic Input (293k)
    Appendix 8B: Traffic Evacuation (199k)
    Appendix 8C: Agriculture (2751k)
    Appendix 8D: Poultry Biosecurity Risk (551k)
    Appendix 8E: Hazard Analysis (1184k)

Appendix 9: Specialist Responses
    Cover Sheet (10k)
    Appendix 9A: Groundwater (84k)
    Appendix 9B: Land Use Planning (304k)
    Appendix 9C: Social (232k)
    Appendix 9D: Economic (87k)
    Appendix 9E: Noise (29k)

Appendix 10: SEIR Public Participation Process (1356k)



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